Artis Lingua

Content Creation & Translation

Comments from Clients

"Your editing made the copy flow much more smoothly. Since our book includes advice on writing, it was very important that our final product be well done. You helped us get to the level we needed to be."

"We definitely want to work with you again. It's clear you have a gift for book design."

"When I hand a project over to you, I know, without a doubt, that it will be done well and delivered on time. I never worry."

"It's a pleasure working with your team.  You have that personal touch that makes such a difference."

"You have consistently been able to find ways to enhance the communication of our company message in a clearer, more concise manner. Working with you, I've learned new and better ways to tell our story."  

"Your talent, originality and constant attention to detail helped our newsletter win a national award. Without your help, I think we would still be struggling to publish our first issue."