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Content Creation & Translation

Book Publishing

New for 2011: The Call of God: Selected Sermons by Wallace Chappell

Cover design and photograph by Ysabel de la Rosa.
A great book by an exceptional preacher who understands
that good preaching is based on talking and teaching.
Publication date: February 2011. Published by Author House.


Putting Dreams to Flight, Midwestern State University Press, 2007
Design, formatting, final-read proof


DreamBones, poetry by Shelia Campbell. Editing and design. Awarded Best Edited Book by Texas Press Women in 2006.

 The Tehuantepec Jungle, Jacket design, Midwestern State University 

 Additional jacket designs: Married to Dance by Lynn Hoggard;
Ice Age Mammals of NW Texas
by Walter Dalquist;
Thorns Spell a Word
  by Jeff H. Campbell  


Bilingual editing, World Vision, Study on Child Labor in Latin America 

 Copy-editing, books & e-books, Step by Step Fundraising & Charity Mile.